The "5 W's" to the REBRAND of Naked Canvas

The "Who?":

Naked Canvas LLC got its start in 2016, after hosting our very first children's paint party and officially becoming a registered business in the state of Ohio in 2018. We have hosted events both contractual, as well as open to the public(ex: Pizza & Paint; Cupcakes & Canvas) and have also volunteered ourselves to some wonderful causes.

The "What?"

Naked Canvas' mission has always been to foster opportunities for creative expression....mainly through art and our mission has not changed, but rather broadened to acknowlegde that "CREATING" goes far beyond paint and canvas and that "Naked Canvas" is symbolic of so much more. This is where the idea of "Creativity Meets Intention" was born and the idea of creating on and off the canvas and cultivating the life you truly desire and deserve and putting you in the right mindset to do so!

The "When?"

The relaunch officially took place 2/22/2021 but had been in the works for months prior, as I did the footwork to bring quality to my platform, as I had a broader audience in mind with what I was introducing and had to get this shit right lol.

The "Where?"

With the world in the middle of a Global Pandemic and the Covid-19 numbers still being very high, I knew that in order to keep Naked Canvas afloat, I needed to figure out how to go "virtual" and my online shop and services were born.

And lastly, the "Why?"

As some may know, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in July 2020 ( the middle of the Pandemic) and I suffered an extreme case of Postpartum Anxiety. I would literally have several anxiety attacks a day, was back and forth to the hospital, had to wear a heart monitor(my anxiety had me convinced I was having a heart attack), and eventually even began taking mental health medication. I immediately started therapy(faith based) but I still felt this major blockage, and so I dove deeper into my spirituality and began to delve in to the idea of, natural and holistic healing....crystals and sage, meditation and breath work, prayer and journaling....even tried CBD products because I dreaded the idea of being medicated and even though I eventually did end up needing the extra support of medication briefly, I learned so much about myself, about my spirituality, about my POWER. I heavily researched tools and practices to help spark my creativity because I had lost my ability and desire to create, and in turn, learned so much about MANIFESTING and CREATING the life that I wanted to bring to fruition.

And that's what I'm bringing to y'all. Some DOPE AF spiritual tools that changed my life✨


Love & Light, 


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