The Tea on “Sitdown Sunday” 🐸☕️

So it’s probably the title that got you here, but now that you’re here, this article is a pretty dope a$$ read. I’m giving you the rundown on “Sitdown Sunday” and why practicing self-care is a MAJOR key in maintaining optimum mental health.

“Sitdown Sunday” is a movement designed as a way to hold us accountable by making a conscious effort to practice self-care as a way to “give back” to ourselves. It’s about sitting down and coming up with ways to pour back into you and being intentional about it. You can’t possibly pour into others with a glass half full....and if you continue to give without replenishing yourself, eventually you’ll end up depleted... on “E”....and that leads to burnout! 

Self-care doesn’t require anything fancy. Self-care can be as simple as sleeping in late, taking a bath, or sitting in silence for a few minutes to catch your train of thoughts. I practiced self-care this #SitdownSunday by seizing the opportunity to go to my workspace and work uninterrupted. For some, it may not seem like a big deal but I seldom get to work without the noise of my household in the background....and I find it hard to be my most productive self with the chitter chatter of my husband as he plays his video game and the pitter patter of my children running around my home. I was afforded the opportunity to grab a cup of my favorite coffee from Starbucks and have 3+ hours to work....and twiddle my thumbs before having to get back to my husband and babies to get dinner started!  And guess what y’all?! I also got a chance to take a hot bubble bath with my bath salts, lit my white candle to symbolize a “cleansing” and “renewal” and practice some breathwork before getting my day started in celebration of the last day of the full moon cycle. And taking a bath is my FAVORITE way to practice self-care!

So join me on Sundays and get in the habit of working on your WHOLE self, from the inside out!


Love & Light,


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